Hi, this is

Founder of

I create marketing solutions
and social media strategies.


I have learned a lot
from working with
more than 50 brands on
strategy development
content creation
social media planning
crisis management
data reporting
project management
in the past 13 years.

These 13 years helped me
understand what I love to do:
I love to discover how digital channels work,
and turn my knowledge into marketing ideas.

Personal experiences,
contribute to my work, too.

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As we all know:

Thanks to my passion projects,
I keep myself busy
and keep learning everyday.

I founded

to help companies use social media
instead of following it.

Social Media Strategies

Almost no agency has a full time Social Media Strategist.
But when you need one, you really need one.

Social Media Reports

Social media numbers are gibberish to most people.
I like to put them into context.

Regular or On-Demand Trainings

Most people's social media knowledge is limited to real life use.
Your business needs more than that.

Crisis Planning

Every brand has a different social media fingerprint depending on
what you sell,
how you market,
which channels you use,
what consumers talk.
You can prepare for any digital crisis with:
1) Digital SWOT Analysis
2) Channel Risk Report
3) Crisis Management Plan

Executive Support

Digital shift might mean extra management. That's something I have went through many times in the past.If you need help for planning in this changing landscape, let's talk. That's something I do for many executives at the moment.


To give you an idea on how I work, here is my toolbox:

Let's talk.


Passion Projects

This website

I create and recreate this website everyday with its visuals, texts and user experience. It keeps my mind alive on a wide range of topics from design to copywriting to UX.I use a no-code tool (Carrd.co) for it and get no support from my expert friends to force myself to learn.It's my playfield for trial and error. Any feedback is welcome 🙏🏼


This project uses Midjourney AI to interpret the most creative quotes from world literature.It helps me keep up with the generative AI tech and push myself for creativity.


The precursor of dotworlds, this project used Midjourney AI to interpret Leonardo da Vinci's prophecies.My art director friend Robin Dogan took over the project on March 2023.

iab TR Education Council

I contribute to the council to raise awareness of digital marketing in Turkey.I've been training hundreds of attendees as a volunteering instructor so far and participating as a jury member and mentor for various events.

eBook: The Secret Quarter

A new way to classify social networks and understand viral content.To get an early copy, sign up here:

And something exciting

A book project where I hope to trigger an interesting perspective on the last 5,000 years of history.I have used the Obsidian tool to work on its general mindmap. The video above shows its step by step growth throughout 2020-2021. When I publish, I'm planning to turn it into an interactive thinking process.

I am...

I am a marketing strategist who loves mechanisms - both real and abstract.
An Industrial Engineering drop-out with a Political Theory MA.
A book addict who knows that reading is an old technology.
A millennial who doesn't complain about Gen Z.
A sci-fi fan since age 10.


I think...

I think a good book deserves a good cover.
I love to work on both books and covers.
I guess that's why I like marketing as a whole.


I learn...

I learn by doing.
Every project is a course for me.

I created and managed my first Facebook page in 2008 for the movie "25th Hour". The page still stands somehow.In 2009, I was admitted to a PolSci PhD program in Budapest. I left academia after my thesis proposal on 'The Future Political Rights of AI' was rejected.At the age of 29, I joined McCann Istanbul as a Jr Social Media Manager.Fortunately, at that time, nobody believed social media had a future. We invented everything through trial and error—creating content, managing communities, and analyzing reports for brands. We developed, presented, and executed strategies and projects.As a team leader at various agencies, I recruited and managed teams of copywriters, analysts, and community managers.I had the privilege of working with and learning from the best art directors, graphic designers, strategists, and developers in the industry.As a member of IAB Turkey Educational Council, I have provided digital marketing trainings and mentorship to hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds.I have co-founded 2 start-ups and handed them over to my partners:

Frameby (2013):
A social network that still brings thousands of cinephiles together after 10 years.

Omnicourse (2021):
A mobile audio-learning platform that presents hundreds of bite-size learning content.

I have joined Keymate.AI as the External CMO in September 2023. While I'm using my marketing experience for the team, I also learn a lot from them on AI.

Click if you'd like to read some personal trivia.

Personal Trivia

Here is a brief window into how my mind works.
It might be useful if we are going to work together.
I was selling candies at the dorm at the age of 13.
My first experience in business was purchasing crackers and candies from the daytime cafeteria and selling them to other students in the dorm. This venture came to an end when older boys entered the competition, telling on me, and forcing me to close my humble "shop."
I developed a simple computer game at high school with Pascal. It ended up breaking keyboards at the lab.
After learning the basics of coding, I developed a game featuring two highly pixelized F1 cars (with ASCII characters). Two players could control them by rapidly pressing the keyboard buttons. Our CS teacher deleted all copies of the game after a few keyboards got damaged.
In 2009, I tried my chance at writing a PhD thesis on "the civil rights of AI" in 2013
I got admitted to a Pol Sci PhD program in Budapest in 2009. My thesis proposal was on "Future Rights of Artificial Intelligence in Democracies." I left the academic life when I realized that such issues were not considered "relevant to the literature" yet.
I was a terrible student of Industrial Engineering before being a great one for Social Sciences.
Throughout my Industrial Engineering education, I was constantly asking for the rationale behind each and every formula in the textbook. It didn't help with an engineering diploma, but I'm utilizing the engineering logic for strategies now. Both departments helped my professional work later.
A summary of why I could never graduate from engineering.
I failed an Analytical Geometry exam in high school because I could not memorize formulas and solved all questions with logic. All the answers was right, but our teacher didn't like that.
I had a remote work day for my team long before the Pandemic
In 2014, I was managing a small independent team for social media management. All team members could work from home on Wednesdays. It worked great.
I've always been playing with different content formats
I had a satirical amateur newspaper in secondary school, made another one and sold to other students at high school, wrote a weekly student column for the official newspaper at the university for 4 years, had a blog on digital communications from 2008 to 2010, and had an online radio program with friends in 2013.
Excel was my best friend during my compulsory military service
They gave me the task of preparing health reports and documents for the soldiers at the unit. I built an Excel machine to do it in minutes instead of filling each document myself.